Welcome to Ghent, medieval Manhattan

It can be no coincidence that Ghent, the capital of East Flanders, was given several pretty names: medieval Manhattan, historical heart of Flanders, a city of all times, one of the most beautiful historic cities in Europe. The city combines an impressive past with a vivid present.

You will hardly ever find such a diversity of architectural styles and treasures of which most are protected as national heritage by UNESCO. Strolling through Ghent often coincides with an adventurous travel through history.

But above all, Ghent is alive! Here pounds the young heart of a dazzling city of culture with music, theatre, film and visual arts. A city where cultural perspectives are constantly renewed and enlarged, where culture is a feast and where feasting is a form of culture. Not only art lovers but nearly everyone can find something here to suit his taste. Ghent offers over 300 restaurants, numerous pubs, pleasant shopping streets, and an exciting nightlife.

The people of Ghent are known to guarantee a warm and pleasant welcome. Visit Ghent!

Monuments in Ghent

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